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We will be facing the country, the world, the company unswervingly implem-ent the "brand extension market, so as to the quality and development to serve a credibility," and as the quality of the survival and development of enterprises lifeline.
The spirit of enterprise:
Relying on the strength of science and technology as the most fundamental, To continuously improve customer service and better service for you

Staff spirit:
Efforts to open up development of self -
Very careful work of the problem is not evasive and not Dodge
Insist cooperation, and stability as the basis for improving inadequate, introduce new initiatives.
You discovered a problem rather than to solve, which makes the company to Decline

Manager"s spirit:
Managers respond to the hearts of customers, shareholders and employees responsible for
The staff manager of the issue is wrong
Management not only to control, but also justified
To do a major event = × Management Co-ordination of many small capacity

Our values:
For social services, the most glorious laborers
Customers are our God
Damage to the interests of the company, is the damage to each serving the interests of staff, each employee should fight against such acts and
A person"s value = the value of his own (at) + others in the team he brought the value of (positive or negative) on the difference between the

Our team concept:
Our difficulties as: test themselves in a way
We cooperation than confrontation is the basis of success
Personal shortcomings is not terrible, the key is to see other people"s merits, control their own
Not arrogant success of a group of people is very great because
Arrogance is often because their performance exceeded their expectations, should see farther

We view the work:
Society does not need us - if we do not provide competitive services
Companies do not need us - if we do not provide valuable contributions
Not doing a good job, mean that there is no work
One pair of work is not responsible for people not worthy of the trust of others
Your small mistakes he may bring trouble NPC

Our common ideal:
Do appliance era model, a brand of private enterprises

We do not pledge for each staff what do everything in your effort, not the best, only better!

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