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True colors:
Combined brilliant purples and reds, thousands of visual images in each pixel RGB points from three high-resolution LCD control of a quasi-imaging, showed real natural colors.

Level rich:
Advanced technology on the dark force to cope with the details of performance, bringing rich viewing levels.

Image detail:
Each LCD resolution of up to 1386 x 788, the fine image of the clear reproduction.

Images bright:
Three LCD imaging technology will use light source to the limits of the images bright Yanli.

Packing size:
     14 "1 Taiwan / box, box size: 44 × 40 × 36.5cm
     17 "1 Taiwan / box, box size: 53 × 45.5 × 42cm
     21 "1 Taiwan / box, box size: 61 × 57 × 54.3cm

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